Rebecca McCauley, Mac Lawrence  and Aaron Claringbold
Chamber Presents
October 2019

A group show with new photographic work by Mac Lawrence, Aaron Claringbold & Rebecca McCauley. A reflection on debts unpaid and the gaze of the other, the burning of secrets and the constructions necessary when covering up the past.

On 30 August 2018 one of the worst chemical fires in Melbourne in decades broke out in Tottenham, on Marin bulluk land. The out of control blaze, caused by illegal chemical dumping, lasted for weeks and ran directly into Stony Creek, which the property borders. Chemical runoff included acetone, oxyacetylene, benzene and methylethylketone, some of which are key ingredients in the production of methamphetamine. Fourteen months later the EPA estimates up to 10 million litres of toxic waste are still present on the site. The images I included in this show were a combination of acetone transfers on aluminium, adhesive, and inkjet prints.

(After Wildflowers by Ali Cobby Eckermann). We acknowledge that we operate across the lands of the Wurundjeri and Boon wurrung, that ecological damage is intrinsically linked to the processes of colonisation, and that sovereignty has never been ceded.

Image documentation by Aaron Claringbold