Primal Casting

A solo exhibition by Sarra Tzijan
Mr Kitly, as part of Radiant Pavilion
September 2019

Primal Casting
is a solo exhibition by Australian-Indian jewellery and object maker Sarra Tzijan, showcasing new work developed during a residency in Panchgani, India.

The show displays found objects and small sculptural works in response to observing and working alongside Indian artists at Devrai Art Village. It focuses on processes, materials and techniques that relate to Dhokra art; one of the earliest forms of lost wax casting. Allowing for the easy reproduction of complex metal structures, Dhokra involves many controlled steps, without the use of new technologies.

Working in conversation with Sarra over the course of a year we developed the presentation of the exhibition and its layout, presenting not just the final product, but the methodology and tools involved in the process of lost wax casting. 

Audio-visual material by Jamal Twycross-Smith
Glass by Hamish Donaldson
Image documentation by Aaron Claringbold